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Dehosi Wahana Perkasa as the largest national private-owned chemical service company is committed to provide total solution to water and process treatments through innovative, efficient and effective programs, producs and technical service. For more than two years, Dehosi Wahana Perkasa


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Boiler Water Treatment Cooling Tower Water Treatment   Influent and Effluent Water Treatment Oilfield Chemicals Fuel Oil Treatment   Saffety Equipment



Liquid Inorganic Coagulant Liquid Inorganic Coagulant] Ammonia Alumunium Chlorohydrate P Coagulant Aid Antifoam-SPT (FS 150-B) A Anionic Polycelectrolyte Alkali & Sludge Conditioner A Anionic Polyelectrolyte C Cationic Polyelectrolyte C Cationic Polyelectrolyte Hydrochloric Acid Condensate Corrosion Inhibitor Water Treatment Coagulant Open

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